Law of Attraction Techniques and Exercises

law of attraction exercisesManifesting is a bit like lifting weights or learning to play the piano. One does exercises to develop abilities in any field, and the Law of Attraction is no exception – you have to practice the manifesting techniques. Here are a few helpful Law of Attraction exercises.

Writing Exercises

Writing exercises and meditations are some of the practical techniques of the Law of Attraction. With pen and paper, you begin to clarify your goals, adding layers of detail as you work with them. The one important point to bear in mind is this: be careful what you wish for!

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Part of the discipline of the writing exercises that accompany the Law of Attraction is carefully defining just what it is you want. The typical person invests a lot of energy and emotion thinking about what they don’t want, which, as the law operates without prejudice, leads to more of the same things they don’t want.

Make a Desires List

Head this list ‘I Intend to Have’ and go to town! Everything you can possibly imagine wanting goes on the list, the more outrageous the better. The process loosens up your thinking and gives you a much bigger canvas on which to project your desires. If you have been thinking small, this process will help you to think big. Read your list aloud to yourself before bed and when waking up, making your voice sound as alive and excited as possible. Remember that emotion plays a very important part in manifestation: when you speak your desires, infuse them with the emotions of joy and satisfaction you would experience in the actual presence of those desires. Imagine how you will feel when you do achieve your goals, and then, as best you can, call that feeling forth in your body. Act ‘as if’ they were already true, as if you were a great actor in the Stanislavski tradition.

Remember to be grateful in advance, as if you have already received your heart’s desire, and patiently allow the universe to do its work. As you manifest things, check them off, frequently updating your list, and adding details as you think of them.

Write Down Your Perfect Day

Here is another Law of attraction technique that is similar to the Desires List. Here, you write a deeply detailed description of your perfect day. No detail is too small or insignificant. You choose where you sleep, when you get up, what you have for breakfast, where you live, and what you do with every moment of your day. Ask yourself what you do for a living and what your clients are like. Ask yourself about your friends, your spouse, and family. Describe them in intricate detail as if they were standing before you, and as you notice your desires becoming fulfilled or changing, edit your list. Read your list over frequently, so that you can remind your subconscious of the goals and intentions you have set for yourself.

A Few Meditations:

The Transmitter Exercise – As in all meditation endeavors, find a space and time where you will not be disturbed. Turn off the phone and other distracting devices. Find a comfortable seated position and use any relaxation techniques you already know. Focus on a particular desire, perhaps wealth or happiness, and practice sending out the waves of emotion and energy that the idea brings up in you. Try to see in your mind’s eye actual waves of positive energy being transmitted from your body, bathing the universe with your positive desire. Since any feeling or attitude we transmit in this way has an impact on the world around us, we are sending positivity to everyone on everything on the planet. As you become experienced with this exercise, you will be able to transmit positive vibrations anywhere and anytime.

All Possibilities Exist Now – According to quantum physics and many spiritual teachers, all future possibilities exist simultaneously, an idea that goes far back into the history of spiritual development and meditation. You can use the idea in a meditation that will help to shatter any limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back. If you hold a desire to be rich, for example, realize that in some version of future reality, your wealth is already a fact. This is the basis for the LOA precept that we should see ourselves as already in possession of our desires.

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